blog-commentingEverybody knows that blog comments greatly help you create a stronger blog readership but not everyone knows that blog comments also improves your On Page SEO score.

Active commenting draws in new readers and makes them feel welcome. By nature, many individuals are shy – no one likes to be the first to speak up but once someone has broken the silence things can quickly snowball (in a good way) because once you get 1 or 2 comments it’s just as easy to jump to 10 or 20.

This is a working list of tips, tricks and ideas that will help you build a stronger readership by encouraging commenting and engaging readers.

#1 Create Valuable Content

Priority numbero uno! No one knows your niche better than YOU (or at least it should appear that way).

Creating valuable lists, tips, secrets, insight or important news that is specifically pertaining to your niche can at the very least earn you a much appreciated “great list”, “good tips”, “excellent point” or simple “thank you”.

#2 End With A Question

I know, it’s cliché but … This tip is easily the most obvious but it’s still … the most valuable!

If you want the comments related to your post to be more than just the two word blurbs like the ones I described above – you need to give your readers something to comment about.

#3 Ask A General Question

General questions allow your readers more liberty’s in their responses. If your question is too specific it may feel forced or uninspiring. If you limit thought, you may bore the active reader.

#4 Ask Readers To Add To Your “Lists”

Lists of mistakes, tips, tools, trade secrets, etc are easily going to become some of the most popular posts you’ll ever create. Why? People just love them! They’re simple, easy to read, the points are clear and there always seems to be something to take away from it.

Lists are naturally engaging as your likely to mention something the reader will both “agree” with and “disagree” with in a single moment. That said, it still helps a great deal if you ASK them to contribute their own thoughts.

Leave the #10 spot on your list blank and see how many comments you can get!

#5 Great Comments = Great Content

If a reader inspires YOU with a comment … just imagine how much a complete article on the idea and deeper insight could benefit your readers. Do more research, provide additional view points, build on what was already great.

Additionally, give the reader credit for provoking such a topic. Quote them, thank them, praise them. They’ll likely share it with fellow bloggers and naturally generate more traffic.

#6 Invite Social Media Users In

If you’re like every other blogger out there your most likely going to post every new article you write directly into your social media accounts. Often with these platforms it’s important to limit your invitation to but a few words.

Try posting this little blurb or something similar on Facebook or Twitter next time you publish a new article …

“Article Title (link to article): Would love your thoughts, please comment”

#7 Don’t Let The Conversation Die

If someone leaves a comment … Respond! Immediately.

This is the easiest and most effective way to retain readers and encourage additional engagement.

  • If a reader says “thanks”, say “your welcome”.
  • If a reader says that they’ve experienced something similar, ask them for details.
  • If a reader disagrees, ask “Why?”
  • If a reader asks a question, answer it.
  • Thank readers for their thoughts.

Let your readers know that their comments matter.

#8 Be Sure Your Blog Is Not Hindering Readers

  • Is your comment box easy to see?
  • Is your captcha to complicated?
  • Are you requiring readers to Login or Register?

Go through the process of adding a comment to your own blog and see if there is anything preventing readers from easily and actively interacting with you.

#9 Be Approachable

If your posts portray you as a pretentious or pompous writer you might scare people away. Share thoughts openly but conservatively. Nice guys might finish last but they usually have a lot of friends waiting for them at the finish line.

#10 (blank)

Add your idea …

What methods have YOU used to stimulate your readers? Contribute to this “working list” and share with us what you think #10, #11 and #137 should be.

10 Ways To Encourage Commenting, Engage Readers And Build A Stronger Blog Readership