Under the Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) all measures be taken together, the help of an Internet presence to being ranked higher on the search results page.

Due to the long experience of TheSeoWhiz.com, all procedures and assessment criteria of the search engines are analyzed and covered. In doing so your Internet presence not only for Google but also for other search engines such as Yahoo is optimized.


Chicago SEO consultant of TheSeoWhiz.com have special knowledge about the search algorithms and search technology to the major search engines. SEO campaigns, we plan and complete and implement them. Search engine optimization is a solution for medium-to long-term economic success. Initial results are visible after three to six months.

What we do:

In the search engine optimization, there are two work areas:

1. The on page optimization includes all changes to your website in order to make them more attractive to search engines.
2. When Off Page optimization are continually links (references) generated from other websites to yours.

Through search engine optimization you will receive the greatest number of potential new customers (up to 10 times more than by SEM). Moreover, the seekers rely more on the organic results clearly labeled as to advertising. This means that a greater percentage of website visitors will become customers.

Free website traffic is also sought after as fierce. In addition to the paid ads in the search engines find the unpaid or organic search results. In contrast to the Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search marketing bidding systems here much more complex process chains determine positioning. Professional Chicago SEO must be designed to improve a site’s ranking in the long term.

In the context of an SEO audit, we identify potentials and starting points for a successful search engine optimization together with you. A competitor is the starting point of the planning. The next step, the priority factors for ranking your website on the basis of an individually created cluster of important keywords are optimized through targeted online and Off page measures.

Effective link building is one of the cornerstones of our work. As a renowned SEO agency we represent sustainable and legitimate methods that will endure future changes and reviews.
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