web-directories-relic-dustI’m here to tell you, web directories are more than the relics that some people claim them to be.

To get noticed and attract new customers, businesses need to promote their businesses on the Web, and utilizing Web directories is one of the ways they can do this.

Knowing you need to submit to web directories regularly, however, is not as important as knowing how to do it effectively.

Hundreds of these directories exist today, but it’s important to know that they’re not all worth pursuing. Submitting your website to every single directory you come across can not only be ineffective and a waste of time but may have negative consequences as well.

Submitting to 10 of the BEST directories is far more effective than submitting your website to 1,000 spammy directories. Quality Web directories can help your business increase visibility both organically in search engines and via the directories themselves; resulting in more traffic, leads and sales.

Here are three types of directories that businesses should NOT ignore:

Paid Business Directories

It’s a simple business fact that companies need to spend money to make money. Potential customers and clients often search paid directories due to a perceived quality compared to free directories. Plus, paid options provide businesses with more tools and analytics to see who’s looking at a given listing.

Many paid directories see millions unique visitors each month. That amounts to millions of potential customers that could see a company’s listing and then seek products or services soon after.

Well-Known Business Directories

Certain directories are common destinations for customers and clients looking for businesses. This includes directories like Yelp!, Better Business Bureau, YellowPages, and plenty of others. Through these directories, potential customers look for business information and reviews on those businesses.

Such websites see heavy traffic, and companies can’t afford to avoid a listing on them. Search engines even penalize businesses that lack common directory listings, paid or free.

Directories With High Domain Authority (DA)

Moz created Domain Authority (DA) on a scale of 0-100, using their Open Site Explorer you can determine a website’s value in today’s search engines. These days, most companies consider Domain Authority an accurate measure for websites. Directories with a high DA rating should be prime targets for businesses and their listings.

Directories featuring high visibility in search engines benefit listed companies in countless ways. On the other hand, directories with a low DA rating should be avoided because they won’t produce noticeable results.

For Domain Authority rankings, a score of at least 40 is recommended.

Should I Submit To Web Directories? YES!

Listing your website in quality directories will pay dividends in your internet marketing ventures. Few businesses can succeed without submitting themselves to certain directories.

Paid and free directories come with their benefits and disadvantages. Still, listing a business on a handful of directories always makes sense. A given company can drive more traffic to its directory listings and own website. This can and often does lead to higher visibility and customer acquisition.

Avoiding web directories because someone claims that they are outdated and worthless isn’t a good idea. Businesses who don’t submit their website to quality directories hurt their chances of long-term visibility and overall success.

For better direction knowing which directories are best, and for help tracking your submissions, check out this web directory submission tool.

Web Directories: They’re NOT The Relics Some Claim Them To Be

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  • October 22, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I’m glad that I found your website! I have been pretty skeptical about web directories lately, but I feel like with your expertise and recommendations I’ll be able to navigate the world of trustworthy web directories.


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