Many eCommerce merchants and retailers focus on improving the CTR, or click through rate, of their pay-per-click campaigns and then neglect their organic CTR. This is unfortunate, considering how valuable an above-average organic CTR can be for a business’ bottom line.

While there is some speculation on how much of a role that CTR plays in the rankings, there is evidence that CTR does have influence on the SERPs and counts as an indirect ranking factor. Plus, a higher organic CTR can help you increase your site’s overall traffic and conversions.

Because of all this, it is paramount that eCommerce business owners pay attention to their organic CTR as well. Luckily, improving your CTR on your organic search listings doesn’t have to be complicated, to start with you can get this holiday discount on GMB and local SEO services to improve your CTP. Here are four ways that you can begin to increase your organic click through rate and drive traffic to your site.

Create Irresistible, Keyword-Focused Titles and Descriptions


One method of increasing your organic click through rate is by writing title tags and meta descriptions that contain relevant keywords. Both the title tag and meta description are important elements of your on-page SEO and help Google index your web pages properly.

For title tags: Since your title tag appears in the search results, it can have a significant influence on whether or not a searcher clicks on your listing. In order to captivate searchers, you need to create unique and keyword-focused titles that are no more than 60 characters long. Also, make sure to include your brand name as well, because many users will click through based on brand name alone.

For meta descriptions: Meta descriptions work hand in hand with title tags to influence users to click on your listing in the SERPs. They summarize your page’s content and can increase your CTR when optimized correctly. Meta descriptions should be roughly 150-160 characters long, and each page should have a unique meta description.

While it might take a little bit of time and effort, getting both your title tags and meta descriptions optimized correctly is worth it. Not only can they have a large impact on your overall SEO efforts, but they also can provide you with a higher CTR and increased traffic.

Use Rich Snippets


Although Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, and has significantly changed over the past few years, rich snippets are still a relevant factor that can help with your CTR and improve your SEO. Rich snippets are structured data markups that help search engines understand the information that is displayed on your web pages.

Rich snippets appear right underneath search results and help draw the searcher’s attention.  They are commonly used by eCommerce merchants because they can appear in the form of customer reviews and ratings, which can influence users to choose them over higher search results that do not have rich snippets.

There are a few different ways to add a rich snippet to your website, but those who have a WordPress site will find it easiest to download the plugin. Those who don’t will have to markup their content manually.

Optimize Your URLs

URLs that are easily readable and relevant are more likely to be clicked on by users and will perform better in search engines. On the other hand, URLs that are long and have non-letter characters won’t be easy for Google to crawl or for searchers to read, and your CTRs can go down as a result.

For higher organic CTRs, your URLs should be clear and concise. This helps reassure searchers that your link is what they are looking for. Additionally, others may be more likely to link to a shorter URL because it just seems easier.

You can also optimize your URLs by including keywords that are also in your page’s content.  This doesn’t mean that you should stuff your URL with them, but try to insert your primary keyword in your URLs if you can. This helps your pages in the search results and gives users an idea of what they will find on your page.

Use Remarketing for Additional Exposure

If people are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to choose you and click on your listing in the SERPs.

One particularly effective way of increasing your brand exposure is to run remarketing ads on both Facebook and the Google Display Network. If you are willing to spend a little money, remarketing on these networks can provide you with the opportunity to hook users who previously expressed interest in your brand and help increase brand recall.

The next time that your site shows up in the SERPs, consumers will hopefully recognize your brand from the remarketing ads and will be more inclined to click on your site over your competitors. This not only improves your organic CTR, but it can also lead to higher conversions as well. So, take advantage of Facebook and Google ads to bombard your audience and get your brand out there.


Increasing your organic CTR should be one of your goals for your eCommerce site. High CTRs are an indication that your site is providing users with the answers that they are seeking, which Google takes notice of and rewards you for. Achieving an above-average CTR allows you to beat out your competition and help your eCommerce site increase its conversions and sales.

4 Ways to Increase Organic Click Through Rate