Blogging is one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority in your field.

As traditional advertising becomes a less effective means of lead generation, conversion, and brand building, businesses are discovering the value of honest to goodness interactions with their customers without a media middleman getting between them.

“Think of your blog as an extension of your website and your business.”

Every piece of content you create should be posted with one goal in mind, leading the prospect back to perform whatever action you want them to take (visiting your website, calling you, filling out a form, downloading your free e-book).

The expert Craig Campbell SEO says that the more content you offer the better chance you have of getting found online and converting visitors into customers.

Here are seven reasons you should be adding more content to your blog.

It Makes Your Business Look Legitimate

Just as you make judgments about a brick and mortar business based on the condition of the store and how knowledgeable the staff is, visitors to your blog are looking at the quantity and quality of your content.

“The more content you create the more credibility it lends to your brand.”

A few poorly crafted posts that are nothing more than thinly disguised self-promotion can seriously damage your credibility.

Don’t be spammy. Solve problems and win trust.

It Makes Your Business Look Active, Alive & Current

We’ve all visited blogs that started off strong. A post a day, every day, for a few weeks. And then it falls off to a couple of posts a week.

Gradually, they offer only a smattering of fresh content each month before it dries up entirely.

The internet is littered with abandoned blogs that were started with the best of intentions but for one reason or another fell by the wayside.

“Develop a content strategy and stick to it.”

Ideally, you should be posting at least twice a week. If you can’t manage that every week, at least, make sure when you do put something new on your blog that you make it worth the wait.

Stay on top of the latest news and trends in your industry and share them with your readers. If you think you are new to this game check out blog for beginners to learn more about how you can develop a content strategy.

Become a resource and watch your traffic explode.

Some People Actually Like To Read Stuff

The fact is some people will always prefer to read rather than watching a video.

Remember that whenever you’re tempted to skimp on quality based on the assumption that people are just skimming what you write.

“Video may be king but there is still an audience for well-written content.”

When somebody takes the time to read what you’ve written they deserve your best effort.

Assuming that people aren’t actually taking the time to read your content can be a self-fulfilling prophecy; you stop putting forth the effort and your audience stops paying attention.

Make sure your readers find what they’re looking for when they visit your blog.

Google Tends To Show Sites With More Content Higher In The Search Results

Every change that Google makes to its algorithms is done with one goal in mind; to improve the user experience by supplying relevant content in response to search queries.

“Google loves valuable content, the more the better.”

Brian Dean of Backlinko reports that website on page 1 of Google average almost 1,900 words.

If you consistently post good stuff, you can expect to be rewarded with a higher ranking on the search engine which translates into more traffic.

The old SEO tricks that once gamed the system have been rendered obsolete by new algorithmic updates that reward value over cleverly concealed fluff.

Having a content schedule is a good way to make sure you are providing enough of the informational substance that Google is looking for which will help improve your page rank.

It Gives You Something To Share On Social Media Outlets

Every post you write is another opportunity to promote your expertise across all of your social media channels.

“Creating shareable content puts more eyes on what you have to offer.”

If what you have to say is engaging enough it can travel around the globe in a matter of minutes.

Make sure to include social sharing buttons on your blog posts to encourage readers to share what you have to say with friends and colleagues.

Sharing your content via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn gives people who might not follow your blog one more way to find you and that is the name of the game.

Make sure to optimize your content’s social potential by keeping your posts concise and the titles attention grabbing. Adding images can also improve your content’s social performance.

Niche Topics Drive Niche Traffic

If you’re truly an expert in your field then you should have a pretty good idea as to what constitutes valuable information within your niche.

“What questions are your customers asking?”

Is it possible other people have the same questions? Is anybody answering those questions effectively?

Don’t offer familiar takes on the same old topics, think about all the “insider” stuff you are privy to as an authority in your business category and share that knowledge free of charge.

Chances are the people who are reading your blog are as passionate about your niche as you are, reward their interest with your unique perspective and well-informed insights.

“Dig deeper and you’ll stand out.”

Eventually, all the expertise you give away will return to you in the form of leads and, later, loyal customers.

Blog Comments Provide You With A Secondary Method Of Connecting and Engaging With Potential Clients

Blogging gives you a chance to engage with your audience and respond directly to their questions, concerns, and criticisms.

“Don’t squander this golden opportunity.”

When someone leaves a comment on your blog, take the time to reply if only to say “thank you”.

Not only does the person leaving the comment deserve an answer but it shows your audience that you aren’t some remote figure or worse some savvy marketer who outsources the content creation chores without having any firsthand knowledge to share.

Even negative comments need a response.

When comments aren’t acknowledged it creates the impression that nobody is minding the store.

Don’t be so focused on what you have to say that you miss an opportunity to start a conversation with your fans.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Adding More Content To Your Blog

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