Blogging isn’t just for bored teenagers. It’s the heart and soul of your SEO strategy.

Now, that might sound a bit like heresy to anyone who has spent endless hours doing SEO, but it’s true. If you don’t blog, you’re going to end up treading water even if you do everything else right.

Blogging checks all the boxes in your SEO checklist for 2016.

Be constant – provide value.

First and foremost, a regularly updated blog is a source of constant content.

New algorithms care less about keywords and more about your utility to users. Google needs to see those constant updates in order to know that your site actually provides some kind of value. Without updates, your site is just a flat WordPress theme with no air to keep it afloat in a sea of website struggling to be seen.

Contributing regularly to your blog allows you to stand out in a field that is dominated by well-meaning but ultimately lazy designers and business owners.

Connect, be unique, build relationships.

At the same time, adding content on a regular bases allows you to connect with your customers and clients.

People like to see new spins on common topics – even the same path has been trod a thousand times, you can leave your own unique footprints on it.

Users like to know that you’re constantly out there, thinking about the things that matter to them. Once they can see that you’re real enough to provide them with content, they’ll start to form a relationship with you and your brand – and once that happens, you’ll get a constant stream of repeat visitors, learn more from your vegan marketer SEO company.

Socialize, share, network.

Your blog is also an incredibly potent link source.

Pepper your blog with relevant links to your own pages, and your inner link quality will go through the roof. You can cite other bloggers and bring in guest bloggers to create a rich source of backlinks that will in turn help your page to burst through on to the first page.

It might be hard to wrap your head around this thought but a blog is as important for promotion and social connections as your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Do it and never stop.

Make a blog. Complain if you need to, then shut-up and do it.

Make listicles, brag about how great your business is, give tips, ideas, even write about how awesome other people are. As long as you’re generate useful content, somebody out there is going to read it.

Once you’ve got your audience, you’ve succeeded in the SEO game – all you have to do is make sure you keep up the quality up and never stop. So, go! Do it.

Blog As If Your SEO Depends On It.

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