The reasons why any one person would chooses to start a business are their own.

For some it’s the freedom of wearing fuzzy slippers and pajama pants at work. For others it’s the flexibility.

Everyday many are inspired by the idea of putting every waking moment into doing something they truly love.

Whatever your reason, the reality of continuing down the entrepreneurial road for any length of time requires success, even incrementally, to ensure you can financially maintain living the dream.

Your Business

Risk vs. Reward

If you decide to take the so called “cheapest SEO route” and do it yourself – you run the risk of utilizing tools that could hurt your rankings or questionable tactics that could get you into trouble down the road.

If you opt to hire a cheap SEO guy for $200 a month let me tell you the reality of this situation right now… He’s not using that money on you.

Your SEO guy has to eat!

If you’re expecting an SEO guy to make connections or build an SEO campaign that has any real value I assure you, wont be able to do it with such a meager budget – he just can’t, it’s not possible.

Remember, this is YOUR business and YOU care about its success. The cheap SEO guy doesn’t.

Only trust a qualified SEO pro with your business, you have too much at stake.

What Is A Qualified SEO Professional?

Is your SEO qualified?

I regret putting SEO’s in the light I’m about to but I have to do it.

The best way to put the SEO industry at its quality levels into perspective is to relate SEO services and their providers to mechanics. There, I said it.

So why do I say this?

Sure, understanding the basics of automotive maintenance can be learned quickly by anyone. In fact, a quick search on YouTube will yield thousands of tutorials on how to diagnose, repair or maintain a cars primary functions.

Does a quick bit of training make someone a pro though?

When you take your car to a mechanic you’re not always going to get the same type of service because the reality is that some mechanics know more than others.

Sometimes only experience and access to the right tools will cut it.

When you hire an SEO consultant (a qualified SEO) he’s going to use his experience and expertise to implement practices that lend credibility to your business, which will in turn move your websites search position forward, gaining more online visibility and only a qualified SEO can do this effectively.

The Benefits of Quality SEO – Targeted Traffic.

Whether you’re sitting at the top of Google for a single high volume keyword or ranking for multiple lower volume keywords there is one thing you’ll be getting – targeted visitors!

What are targeted visitors? Targeted visitors are more qualified buyers.Targeted visitors yield much higher conversion rates and that is a fact.

When your business ranks organically is search engines your business stands to gain stability and the ability to grow.


Cheap SEO: A Contradiction In Terms

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