youtube-rankingsTake a second to check out YouTube. If you sift through all of the music videos and clever clips of cats, you’ll find thousands of corporate pages. Most of these pages are full of advertising material, clever little promotional bits that help their owners draw in more business. These videos don’t just exist in the vacuum that is a YouTube search, though. They’re an incredibly important part of the SEO experience, one that is ignored by many people who haven’t kept up with the changes imposed by Google, such as using a youtube tag generator.

To understand why you need to put in the work necessary to generate video content, you have to understand why these videos help your natural Google rankings.

The first reason is perhaps the most cynical, but it’s doubtlessly true – Google likes it when you use their services. While using a service like YouTube still puts you in competition with many other businesses, there’s plenty of data that shows using one of these services will give you a leg up over those who don’t use them. Working with YouTube gives you the same kind of advantage that you get from working with Google+ or Adsense – a tiny jump in the search ranking because you are using in-house tools.

YouTube videos also generate their own search rankings. This in turn can give you a second spot on the front page, as well as a relationship with another ranking search. Videos tend to drive traffic when they address a topic for which people search – water saving tips, for example, for a plumbing company or a nail tutorial for a salon. When your videos satisfy the search criteria, they become just another avenue for users to find your business’ website. Forgoing the video option will only reduce your chances of attracting new customers.

Finally, YouTube videos that are embedded on your website help you to fulfill an important mechanical function for the webcrawlers that help to determine your search rankings. Videos keep potential customers on your site longer, reducing your bounce rate and plugging a better number into the algorithm that determines where your page winds up on the search results. Anything that reduces your bounce is usually worth looking into – and when accompanied by the factors listed above, generating YouTube content is perhaps the most efficient way to keep that number at a reasonable rate.

In short, a good YouTube video is an important piece of the SEO puzzle. It won’t solve all of your problems, and you certainly can’t concentrate on YouTube to the detriment of the other areas of your site. If you are willing to put in the work to make a great video, though, you’ll end up with a great companion piece to your site that will help you to rank higher when customers search for your key phrase.

How Do YouTube Videos Affect Your Natural Google Rankings?

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