Localized SEO for a Connecticut based Business

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Localized internet marketing is far more rewarding in today’s business world than it has ever been before. Roughly 31% of today’s consumers are using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to search out and locate even local services and products. Validating this claim is the fact that 43% of today’s search engine queries also include a city and state identifier such as “Tampa,FL”, this shows that a typical consumer might choose to spend some time doing research online, even before heading out to drive around town.


As a professional SEO expert, Jeff Millett, TheSEOWhiz wants to help you optimize your website and create an effective online marketing campaign to target local Florida consumers.

Target Specific Cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando & Tallahassee

Targeting your local cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando & Tallahassee is a very effective and proven search engine optimization strategy and it can be a very profitable one too.

  • Add more clients to your landscaping route!
  • Find more customers for your Pool Cleaning Service!
  • Get more leads for your Printing Company!

FACT: SEO can help your business generate more income! An astounding 86% of consumers that might use Google, Yahoo or Bing to find a local company selling or offering specific products and services will actually follow up with an order or in-store visit. A substantial 61% of those consumers will actually make a purchase within 24hours. More local leads equals more money for your business.

Choosing SEO strategies to further market your small business in Florida can result in a steady flow of good, quality leads, better customers and more sales. Get started now! Take the first step in launching your own localized SEO marketing campaign today!

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