SEO Services Designed Specifically For Georgia Businesses

TheSEOWhiz is there to make SEO for businesses in Georgia sweet and simple!

Using the web for local marketing hasn’t ever been as valuable as it is today. Approximately 31% of consumers are using search engines such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo as they seek out local services or products. Additionally, 43% of web searches now include local identifiers such as “Atlanta, GA”, showing that many want to first research online before calling or going to a physical location.

TheSEOWhiz is a professional SEO expert, and he wants to help optimize your site and create a great online marketing campaign that targets Georgia consumers.


Target cities like Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, or Athens

By using search engine optimization as a way to hone in on cities like Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, or Athens to boost your business through the web, you are taking control of a very effective marketing channel.

  • Add more homes to your landscaping services route!
  • Bring more diners to your local restaurant!
  • Get more orders for your area flower shop!

The latest studies say 86% of consumers that go to search engines first when looking for something local then follow up with an in-store visit of phone call, and about 61% of those will then make their purchase in 24 hours.

SEO for small businesses in Georgia lead to more customers, quality leads, and more money for growth. You should be a part by taking a first step to building a customized local marketing push today!

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