Search engine optimization measures aimed at improving the position of a website in search engines (better ranking / position). We assume that in 90% of all seekers only the first two pages of the hit list are seen or flown over. So our objective must be to be listed for your important keywords in the TOP 10 companies in as many as possible for your company. In our experience can lead to improve your search engine position from 50 to 10 to a threefold increase your visitor numbers.


Houston SEO On Page Optimization:

Here are the measures to be optimized website (your website). An important factor here is an example for your products and services actually relevant content, including page titles and descriptions (keyword: title, description, content). This sounds trivial, but it is not, since here the search behavior (search volume), the user will be taken into account. Furthermore, many technical details are crucial prerequisites for your success. More information about on page optimization .

Houston SEO Off Page Optimization:

In the off-page SEO is about all actions that are performed outside of your website to improve your position in Google. The more heavy traffic and industry-related businesses link to your website, the higher your Page Rank. A good Page Rank in turn improves your search engine position, as search engines (Google) assumed that only strong content / relevant sites to link to often. Again, that is “content is king”! More information about Off Page optimization .

Search Engine Optimization – we do it for you

You all this is too technical and confusing? That’s it. Therefore, we offer SEO services at all even from a single source.

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For the SEO expert:

External links from other providers on your website are essential for a good ranking. Play both the number and quality of links a crucial role. Since each of these links is rated lower by the search engines or weighted differently, it may be that a page with only a few, but for high quality and relevant links ranked higher in search engines than pages with very many, but this rather insignificant Links.

1) link popularity and link quality
Try to get as many external links on your landing page (inbound links). Is important in addition to the sheer number of links, the importance of the linking page (quality over quantity) and the branch of the linking page (the more similar the better).

2) relevant keywords in the link
Be careful when linking to your website that the link in at least one of your important (st) contains s search / keywords as Bad: You find cheap trips to Asia in XYZ travels here (<- Link).

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