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Localized internet marketing is much more important today than it has been ever before. As a matter of statistics, 31% of consumers are turning to a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing first when looking for local products and services.


Whether you want to develop a new website, remodel, or use the “distribution channel of the search engines”, we are with our many years of experience and professional expertise to the page.

On the Internet there are no universal standard solutions; such as some people may believe so you will be advised individually with us. Neither search engine optimization, nor the search engine marketing are ephemera but a continuous process and require a continued development in which we support you gladly in the long term.

When it comes to on the right mix:

• Knowledge of the market
• Online marketing expertise
• technical SEO expertise

The important parameters are to be successful in the consulting.

Especially in the field of SEO, it is necessary that even a basic knowledge in the company itself is built next to the advice of a company.

Knowledge transfer SEO

Our advice is very important. Differently than in other companies, we attach great importance to knowledge transfer.

• We advise you and together with you to develop your strategy and objectives
• We analyze and evaluate your site, your competition and the market environment
• We combine and integrate all marketing activities
• We define the concept of SEO for you and develop a guide for your programmers to implement
• We develop for you an individual Content Concept
• You make the Guide and to the provisions of the House.

We accompany you on this.

• We track and monitor the results
• What is important to us
• Implementation of guides, concepts, and recommendations in your home, also by us.
• Knowledge transfer – we coach your employees and integrate at an early stage in the development process. Shall ensure that there is the knowledge in your House and everyone knows why he is doing something.
• We train and coach your employees, and show how search engines work.

We provide a range of New York SEO Service from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, Buffalo and Syracuse. Our Local SEO experts can visit on-site from 9am to 3pm. We can help your business with a strong online presence by finding the specific selection of search terms, as well as the creative with the text ads and landing pages, combined with a continuous ROI controlling, we increase the number of qualified visitors on your site.