Search engine optimization is the only way to rise above the masses of poorly marketed websites and create something that your would-be customers can actually find.

While there’s quite a bit you can do in the social space and in terms of creating a lovely network of links, nothing quite beats old-fashion On Page SEO.

Whether you’re new to the SEO game or you’re just a little rusty, it’s always good to get a refresher on how this vital topic works in the real world.

“The Basics”

On page SEO is compromised of everything you see – and don’t – on a webpage. If you’re doing something to an individual page to increase its page rank, congratulations – you’re working on search engine optimization.

Everything from creating a easily viewable site to creating stellar content, on-page SEO can and should take up most of your time when you’re working on increasing those Google search scores.

It’s possible to spend weeks or even months diving through the minutiae of search engine optimization, so we’ll keep things relatively brief over the next few days during this On Page SEO 101 Course.

3 Main Areas

If you’re looking to make an immediate change, what you’ll want to focus on are three areas.

These are all areas of your site that can be altered with relatively little site-building knowledge, yet the proper techniques can have huge returns.

If you look at your website as a brick and mortar business, the title tags function as your store’s sign – simple, effective and eye-catching. The meta descriptions are a great ad campaign – information but attractive. Your content is ambiance of your store, the things that keep your customers coming back and convince them to make purchases.

Working together, these three elements will drive more people to your site and increase your search ranking.

On Page SEO 101: A Free 3 Day Course