When it comes to SEO, content’s king. It’s where you use all the tips and tricks in your repertoire to drive up your score with Google’s ranking algorithms and it’s certainly where you get most of your engagement with readers. The only problem, really, is in generating it. Content’s hard to make – after all, if everyone could do it, they wouldn’t need you. Your job is mastering content creation in order to push your site to the top of the search rankings. You’ve just got to remember how to do it correctly.

The first step in making great content is remember that it’s made for readers. Yes, there’s a lot that needs to be done to satisfy the search engines but content really is for humans. This means always erring on the side of readability and utility over any other strategies that you might hear about. Make your content easy to read, easy to follow and above all else engaging. If you can manage that, you’ll beat out most of the sites on the internet.

As an addendum to that, you’ve got to remember your keywords. The goal should be focusing on your keywords rather than letting them drive your content. What does that mean? Simply put, it means using the keywords as a jumping-off point for your content rather than using your content as a holding pen for as many keywords as you can stuff in. Keyword usage should be organic and should flow within anything you write.

Finally, make sure your content is original, you can hire the local seo consultant melbourne to check that out doe you. You’re not just dealing with copyright infringement here – people don’t want to read the same thing they’ve seen a thousand times. If you write something that’s original, you’re giving your readers a better reason to come visit your site in search of the things they can’t find anywhere else.

Remember, new content is one of the best ways to get repeat visitors to your site. Do your best to create it or to farm it out to someone else who can. With a little effort, you can use content to create a unique voice for your site.

On Page SEO 101: Content