Meta title tags are one of the most important elements of SEO that often go unnoticed by your average website builder.

In place to satisfy search engines as much as the reader, these tags are used to define your page.

Using them correctly can help you to step up your search engine optimization game significantly.

While the actual title tag is just a bit of html, the title you choose will show up repeatedly on the user’s end.




The text you choose for this tag – usually around fifty-five characters – will tend to show up at the top of the user’s browser and will also show up in the search results as the page title.

These tags are yet another place for your keywords to pop up, and yet another place for you to dominate the hearts and minds of consumers when it comes to a certain set of terms.

Title tags are great, sure, but figuring out how to get the most out of them requires a little more work.

You can actually follow a few simple rules to make putting together a good tag worth your time.

These rules include:

Keep Your Title Tags Short.

Fifty to sixty characters, maximum. This includes spaces. If you go longer, the rest of the text isn’t going to show up.


Make Your Meta Title Tags Readable.

Your title is part of an overall user experience, and generally one of the first things seen in an organic search result.

Make your title useful to your readers.


Leverage Your Brand, Of Course.

Does your title tag mention your brand? If not, you’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity. Always market!


Front Load Your Meta Tags.

Whether you’re talking about keywords or your business’ slogan, it’s best to front load the important material in your tag. This helps you to make sure it will actually show up, and constructing the tag correctly will help your search rank.

Title tags are easy to overlook, but they’re very important.

Construct them correctly and you’ll increase search visibility, get more visitors and build a better website.

Fail to have a great tag, though, and you’ll likely watch your visitor counts sit – stagnate.

On Page SEO 101: Meta Title Tags