SEO Software Reviews

Search engine optimization is everything for an online business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell ad space or you’ve got a product that the masses need – you have to have a well-positioned website in order to grab the ever-elusive online customers.

Practicing good SEO has gone from a beneficial move for those who want to get ahead to a necessity for anyone who actually wants to compete. That’s why there’s so many businesses out there competing for your marketing dollar – each one wants to get to you while you’re still trying to get past the confusing jargon and odd practices that tend to be associated with your average SEO guru.

Those with the most successful online real estate combine both a passion for learning more about SEO with industry-leading SEO software.

The Key Is Finding The Best SEO Software For You.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses that are fighting for your SEO dollar. Some of these businesses are great. Some of them aren’t quite where they need to be.

As a consumer, you’re the one who has money in the game – and you’re the one who needs the relevant information today.

That’s why I’m writing this list of 2018 reviews (recently updated) – not just to tell you who operates the best seo software in the field, but to help you figure out who deserves your money.

These are clear, unbiased reviews, so that you can know exactly what you need to know in order to make the right choice.

Best SEO SoftwareAnd let’s make this clear, these reviews are not simply going to tell you which service is the best – that’s too subjective, and the truth is, one great service for one person simply might not work as effectively for the next.

Instead, as a professional SEO consultant I choose to write these reviews to tell you what sets each of these SEO software programs apart from the others.

Some of the software you find will be great for big businesses, while others will target smaller business or bloggers.

Some will have a high price tag attached, while others will cost you nearly nothing.

What they all have in common is the ability to help your brand grow online.

As you look through these reviews, make sure you pay attention to your own needs. While there’s going to be plenty of information available, the most important question you can ask yourself is about what you can do to make your business grow. Whether you need better reporting software or something that’s going to help you corner the local market, you are sure to find the perfect fit below.

Here’s All The Different SEO Software Tools We’ve Reviewed, So Far.

SEO Software: WebsiteRocket Review

rocketThe Basics

Website Rocket is an SEO tool that attempts to cut down on the mystery of website promotion by giving you simple tasks to perform each day while still providing you with the tools necessary to see how your work pays off.

Website Rocket’s selling point is its unique system of daily tasks that show you how to build your brand.

WebsiteRocket breaks down the tasks that you might think of as basic SEO into more easily digestible units, taking away some of the more confusing language used by most promotional tools in the process.

It’s easy, and possibly accurate, to think of WebsiteRocket as an “SEO For Dummies” sort of tool – taking very complex processes and breaking them down in a way that almost anyone can understand.

WRsoftwareThe Selling Points

WebsiteRocket has a few solid selling points attached to the service.

The basic service plan allows for traditional and social SEO work, as well as key phrase tracking and solid local promotion.

The basic package is fairly attractive for the price point, but the mid-tier package is actually a bit more useful for those who are going for a full-press e-commerce business.

With the ability to work with multiple sites as well as the tracking data available in the basic package, it’s a good deal for those who are looking to have their hands held through the process of SEO.

There’s also something to be said for the newbie-friendly style of presentation that the tool trumpets. SEO might be a complex business, but it’s also one that’s full of unnecessary jargon. If you’re already in the field, you know that the tough part of SEO really shouldn’t be figuring out what to do – it’s trying to figure out how to find the time to do it. Website Rocket helps with the former by stripping away all of the obnoxiously obtuse language that surrounds the fields and replacing it with easy-to-ready text that can help even a complete novice to better the position of their sites.

Is Website Rocket a good fit for your business? If you’re new to the world of SEO and need basic help, it might be. There are services out there that have more bells and whistles, but Website Rocket’s ease of use might be the best selling point for overwhelmed business owners.

If you have a good business plan and are looking to dip your toes into a larger marketing world you should take the time to check out Website Rocket.

Learn more here >> Website Rocket: Top SEO Software Review


SEO Software: SEOJet Review

The Basics

SEOJet is backlink management software built to help SEOs and marketers build amazing backlink profiles.

This is one of the few tools that I actually use every day.

For so long the link building strategy for almost all SEOs has been to build a whole bunch of links and guess at what the anchor text should be so that Google doesn’t penalize you.

The reality is until SEOJet was launched, everyone was guessing when they did link building.

The Selling Points

The reason SEOJet is so awesome is that it takes all of the guesswork out of link building.

Using proven data from #1 ranked websites on Google, SEOJet literally tells you what anchor text to use for every link you get to help you build a backlink profile that matches #1 ranked sites.

If your profile is off course a little the software tells you exactly what to do to make corrections.

SEOJet builds out link maps for every single page that you want to optimize so that you can build amazing link profiles for all of your most important pages.

Long time SEO pro and founder of SEOJet, Adam White, also teaches some really awesome SEO strategy that can be used in conjunction with the software to help you get amazing results with way less links and in a fraction of the time.

Like I said, this is one of the few pieces of software I actually use every single day and I couldn’t live without it.


SEO Software: Guest Post Tracker Review

The Basics

Guest Post Tracker is a huge curated list of blogs that have outwardly advertised that they will accept a guest post from anyone, as long as the guest blogger meets their submission criteria.

Because guest post links are in such high demand, and trying to find real legitimate blogs that actually accept guest posts is such a time consuming job, this list is a heaven send for people looking to promote their businesses through guest posting.

The Selling Points

The biggest selling point for Guest Post Tracker is the fact that their list (currently over 1200 blogs) is curated. In other words they actively go through the list and make sure all of the blogs are still accepting guest posts and they are adding new blog to their list almost daily.

Another key feature is that the list is divided into categories so that no matter what niche or industry your website is in, you will be able to quickly find blogs related to yours that will let you submit a guest post.

Guest Post Tracker uses a unique rating system to make it easy to see which blogs are the most authoritative. They look at things like social presence and domain authority to help you pick the best blogs to post on.

The software that is built into Guest Post Tracker gives you the ability to track submissions. That way you will know which blogs you have submitted to, which ones have approved and published your posts and which ones you still need to guest post on.

If you are doing any type of link building for SEO purposes, Guest Post Tracker is a very affordable tool to have in your arsenal.


SEO Software: Moz Review

mozIt’s really hard to overstate the brand power of Moz. Moz literally holds one of the top three spots for the search terms “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” – it’s that big of a brand. With that said, it’s as important to look at the company’s tools as it is the absolute power of its name. Fortunately, Moz does bring quite a bit to the table – and if you are willing to sit down and work with the tools that it provides, you’ll be given a chance to tap into the same strategies that the site itself users to so thoroughly dominates the internet.

The Basics

It’s very easy to summarize Moz’s offerings as “everything”. The company provides both a “Pro” and “Local” package to help businesses manage their online presence. On the “Pro” side you have a set of eight tools that let you conduct everything from keyword research to audience growth tracking. Combined with the general analytic strength offered by Moz, you have the perfect tool for people who really like to crunch numbers. The interfaces are relatively friendly, and integration with popular browsers like Chrome allows users to work on the go – no cumbersome outside programs necessary.

The “Local” side is almost as interesting as “Pro”. “Local” allows users to quickly and easily push all of their relevant data up to major data aggregators and directories. It’s a quick and easy way to take advantage of the all-important Local SEO factor, and one that almost anyone can take advantage of as long as they are willing to pay the eighty-five dollars per year per location fee.

SEO Software: Moz Review

The Selling Points

It’s really difficult not to gush over the way that Moz works. The company’s Pro option is one of the best in the industry for people who really care about their numbers. Being able to track page views, follower numbers, and a variety of other topics from one source is amazing – and being able to do all of your keyword research at the same time is a huge time-saver. At the same time, the Local option allows any user who can type in his or her business’ name and location the chance to get his or her business information out and onto the web – an easy process that most SEO tools can’t quite match.

The verdict on Moz is, of course, that it’s incredibly useful. It might be a little overwhelming for novices, but it’s the perfect set of tools for people who are very serious about the SEO process. The Local option can get pricey for those who have multiple businesses, but smaller businesses really should consider paying for that service. All in all, Moz is one of the top ranking SEO companies for a reason.

SEO Software: SheerSEO Review

sheerWhat does it mean if you haven’t heard about an SEO service? For some, a lack of name recognition means that the site hasn’t done its job. For others, it means that the business is a quiet competitor that sticks to the background while getting the job done. SheerSEO isn’t quite the household name that some of its competitors are, so the question must be asked – is it a reasonable competitor in the SEO world, or is its lack of promotion a sign that the company isn’t able to follow its own directions? If you look deeper, you’ll find an interesting alternative to some of the bigger names.

The Basics

SheerSEO bills itself as SEO made easy, and it’s hard to argue with that at first blush. All of the company’s tools are set up to give users data at a glance and to provide even novices with an interesting chance to stay ahead of the SEO curve. Like many businesses in the SEO market, it’s all about the metrics – and most users can find the numbers that they need with only a little bit of effort. Even with that said, SheerSEO’s tools do allow power users to go in depth to root out their own SEO problems and determine new strategies. As a business that bills itself as particularly concerned with search rankings, SheerSEO stands out from the pack by pushing the bulk of its efforts towards search rankings instead of social or local SEO.

SEO Software: SheerSEO ReviewThe Selling Point

So, what’s good about SheerSEO? As you might expect from its basic profile, it’s easy to use. You can enter and edit search terms with relative ease, and it ties things up in a great weekly report that will help new business owners to track their own data from one point. That’s a great benefit for anyone who just doesn’t have time to go under the hood and figure things out for themselves. SheerSEO also offers a two month trial, which is almost unheard of when you look at the major players in the business – there’s simply no harm in checking out the business and seeing if it works for you.

So, what’s the verdict on SheerSEO? It might not have the biggest profile and its tools may not be the best, but it’s easy enough to use that it’s a great choice for small business owners that only have a single page. With a reasonable pricing structure and a lengthy trial, there’s no reason to avoid the business – approach it with the same wariness you would any other site that you don’t know well, and you just might find a hidden gem. SheerSEO is definitely worth the time it takes to sign up for a trial.

SEO Software: WebCEO Review

web-ceo-reviewSometimes, you just need a product that gets the job done. You don’t need all the bells and whistles, and you certainly don’t need to be confused while you’re trying to work. This is where a business like WebCEO thrives – catering to a market that knows what it wants, and knows that it’s better to get things done quickly. This is a fairly crowded segment of the market, though, so it’s a good idea to see if WebCEO can stand up to the competition.

The Basics

Web CEO is a fairly straightforward program. It handles everything that you’d hope that it would – keyword ranking, search engine submission, and the like. It’s mostly a tracking tool (really, who needs search engine submissions these days?), but it’s good at what it does. It has a very clean and easy to use interface, and it’s definitely something that you want to look at if you don’t need a lot of frills.

semrushWebCEO also generates reports, which is a nice feature for people who actually care about SEO. This allows you to figure out how well your site is actually doing and allows you to make adjustments as necessary. The reports don’t print out to a .pdf or Word document, but they’re still relatively easy for you to use. This is a fairly standard feature across the industry these days, but it’s still nice to know that you’ll get solid data from the company for which you are paying. WebCEO clearly caters to those who know a bit about how SEO is supposed to work.

The Benefits

WebCEO isn’t flashy and it isn’t particularly unique, but it does one thing very well – it’s great at providing location-based keyword ranking data. This is incredibly useful for those who are in the world of local SEO. Having the local keyword rankings available is one of those little bonuses that helps to set the relatively bare-bones service apart from many of its peers. The rest of the features offered by the service are fairly run of the mill for the price point, but local keyword tracking is definitely a benefit.

So, who needs WebCEO? Definitely any business that doesn’t mind paying a little more for solid service, as well as any business that wants a straightforward product that can help them with their SEO woes. It’s definitely a business-level product with a business-level price, but it’s worth it for many users. Budget customers might balk at the price tag, but those who are very serious about improving their page rankings might find the product offered to be quite useful. As always, it’s up to the individual user to decide if the price is right for a product such as this. Visit WebCEO to see if it’s right for you.

SEO Software: SEMRUSH Review

If you’ve got a website, you can’t just expect success to occur. You need to do your research, plan for the future, and manage any course-corrections that become necessary as your competition changes its own game plans. For that, you need highly competitive tools that will allow you to plot the course of your site’s future. SEMRUSH is an excellent suite of tools that will allow you to do just that. In a crowded marketplace, though, it’s important to figure out whether SEMRUSH can deliver on its promises – and whether the product is worth the advertised price.

The Basics

SEMRUSH is promoted as an all-in-one toolkit for promoting a website. At its core, it’s a great research tool – while not advertised quite as heavily as one might expect, many users think of SEMRUSH primarily in conjunction with keyword research. The product is actually a suite of different tools that can help you to research, monitor, and plan a website’s future – and it’s equally as useful for smaller sites as it is for the major leagues. With that said, SEMRUSH can present an overwhelming amount of data – albeit in a manner that makes it easier to digest than some of its competitors. SEMRUSH is a solid multipurpose suite that should never be overlooked by novices or by experienced SEO pros.

The Selling Points

SEMRUSH can provide users with a fantastic amount of data – perhaps not as much as its more expensive competitors, but certainly more than you’d expect to get for the price point. If you’re looking to do competitive keyword research, it’s hard not to recommend SEMRUSH. The company also provides a fantastic level of support, though most users report that they rarely have problems with the product. This places SEMRUSH in rare company, as a research tool that both actually works as advertised and is useful for most of its target audience.

At the end of the day, SEMRUSH remains one of the better tools for single-user sites and would-be SEO gurus who prefer to work alone. The price tag is fairly hefty if you want to have multiple users and the tools might be a little overwhelming for those who are new to the game, but it’s still a remarkable suite of tools for those willing to put in a little effort. Whether you can make the most of what’s provided is really up to you – if you’re willing to put in a little work early on, you will get quite a bit for your money. SEMRUSH is an excellent choice for anyone who really cares about the future of his or her website, and should always be considered when looking at SEO tools.

SEO Software: Searchmetrics Suite (Basic) Review

searchmetricsIs it worth it to pay more for a name you can trust? That’s as big a question in the world of SEO as it is anywhere else. Searchmetrics Suite is a huge name within the business, and it’s good a fairly hefty price tag. Before you sign up, it’s a good idea to figure out if it’s worth the hit to your bottom line.

The Basics

Like many of the other SEO tools out there, the Searchmetrics Suite is full of features. If you’ve thought of it, you’ll probably find it here – from keyword features to historical traffic analysis, it seemingly does it all. The Suite is the higher-level package from Searchmetrics, giving you access to new tools above and beyond the wildly popular Essentials package. Pricing for the tools starts around $400 per month and goes up as you access higher levels, so it’s certainly not something for a casual user – but with the tools available, it’s more than reasonable to expect to have to pay a premium.

searchmetrics-sampleSelling Points

What sets Searchmetrics apart from the competition is, of course, the variety of tools available to Suite-level users. While you’ll get a lovely set of tools that are great for working on your personal website, most of the really fun stuff is related to business projects. The Suite packages give you access to a number of project management tools, most of which can be found with other tool sets but are not generally available under one umbrella. There’s a reason that Searchmetrics is one of the most trusted names in SEO, after all.

It’s also important to point out that you’ll be paying a good bit for reputation – and for many, that’s just fine. Searchmetrics is well known and provides good products to multiple business types, and it’s always a good idea to work with a business that actually knows what it is doing. The upside of paying that premium is that you can be sure that all of the tools actually work – and that they’ve been refined by user feedback. As such, it’s very easy to use all of the data visualization to figure out how your projects are going even if you aren’t an SEO professional.

Should you use the Searchmetrics Suite? If you need more than the Essentials package can offer and you’re not afraid of the price tag, there’s no doubt that it’s worth checking out. If you can’t find something you need in this suite, you probably won’t find it anywhere else – the problem, as usual, will have more to do with your budget than anything else. You really need to have a serious plan in place before you start using these tools or you won’t get the most for your money.

SEO Software: Ranking Coach Review

Ranking Coach brands itself as the marketing solution for small businesses, a title that’s contested to say the least. While it definitely talks a big game, it’s important for business owners to know if the company can actually back it all up. By looking at a few basic factors, it’s fairly easy to see exactly where Ranking Coach stands among the competition.

The Basics

Ranking Coach advertises itself as a product for beginners, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The product does an admirable job of meeting customers where they are, working with multiple platforms and keeping a relatively simply approach to SEO. Most customers are probably going to go to the product for keyword tracking/monitoring, and the company honestly does a solid (if not terribly exciting) job of making those tools easy to use. Likewise, Ranking Coach allows for some simple location monitoring that is super-effective for SEO newbies.

Selling Points

The two standout features are on fairly opposite ends of the simplicity scale. On the easy side are the tutorial videos, which are quite useful for novice users. On the more sophisticated side is the competition analysis system, which isn’t the most common feature at this price set and can do a lot of good for consumers who understand the value of the product.

As with most of the SEO products you’ll find out there, Ranking Coach offers a pair of price points. The Standard package is listed as the most popular, and it’s fairly feature-rich for the price of $29.95 per month. The Agency level provides a great deal more bang for the user’s buck, though, featuring more keyword ranking and tracking, more location monitoring, and more competitor analysis for 129.95 per month. The price point for the product is on the lower side of the industry average, especially when you’re looking at the Agency level of the service. This doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best service out there, of course, but it is definitely a point in the “win” column for a business that’s trying to improve their SEO while on a tight budget.

If Ranking Coach fails anywhere, it’s probably in overestimating its users. While it proclaims that it’s new-user friendly, the layout of the site and the tools do require at least a base level of computer and marketing knowledge. This isn’t a huge issue unless you’re a true novice, of course, but there are plenty of people who would flock to such a site and take the advertising at face value. Customers with a little more experience tend to really like the product, though they’ve had a few of the expected issues with customer service and/or website issues. All told, though, customers tend to like Ranking Coach if they’ve figured out how to use it.

Ranking Coach is a pretty easy product to recommend if you’re looking for a basic level of utility at a fairly low price. It’s not going to turn the head of anyone who’s spent time doing SEO on his or her own, nor is it a miracle solution. Ranking Coach is simply a competent product that fulfills the promises of its features.

SEO Software: Places Scout Review

Places Scout lists itself as an all-in-one SEO solution that makes life easy on its users. If you look behind the marketing speech, what you’re really looking at is an automated SEO tool that’s meant to help users to improve themselves on most SEO metrics and take care of a number of tasks that industry professionals would flag as necessary. As far as the tools themselves go, consumers are looking at the same suite that they’d want to see in any other SEO product. Think of Places Scout as a true all-in-one, a product that seeks to help you do a little bit of everything.

The Basics

Outside of typical SEO, Places Scout expands it all-in-one approach to the tools you need to stay on top of the market. The tools included touch on reputation management, competition analysis, and lead generation. While this might not fall under the purview of your typical SEO suite quite yet, Places Scout inclusion of these elements helps to place it alongside some of the leaders of the industry.

The Selling Points

If you’re going to go through selling points, it’s probably good to start with the giant text on the homepage – Places Scout wants to make SEO easy. Everything about the toolset is certainly easy, if not quite as user friendly as one might hope. The design stands at the precipice of being complex, but it pulls back just enough to not completely overwhelm customers.

While the interface itself might be simple for a novice, it’s important not to mistake Places Scout for a newbies-only toolset. The website isn’t quite an all-in-one, but it’s ridiculously close. From all of the general SEO tools you’ve come to know and love to reputation management and even competition tracking, this is a full-featured suite of tools that is sure to keep most users happy. Considering that it’s all under the same umbrella, it also makes for a fantastic product with which SEO novices can play around.

It’s also a good idea to talk about lead generation because that’s not something that every SEO product on the market offers. The company claims to be able to provide millions of targeted leads for its customers, which is certainly an attractive prospect. Leads are only one small piece of the sales puzzle, of course, but it’s nice to see an SEO business provide a leads-focused tool.

Another solid selling point is the variety of price points available for consumers. The lowest-tier package is competitively priced with pretty much anything else on the market, but the real savings come with the higher-tier packages. With a Pro Package priced at under one hundred dollars a month, Places Scout is definitely a steal.

So, what’s the verdict? It depends upon who you are. If you’re an experienced SEO pro or you need specific, top-in-class tools, you can probably find better elsewhere. If you’re a relative novice or you need a full suite of SEO tools, though, the all-in-on solutions of Places Scout might be a good fit for you.

SEO Software: Traffic Travis Review

The Basics

Traffic Travis is a free set of tools that claims that it helps customers to improve their website rankings. At its most basic level, this is a set of research tools – the things you use to figure out the next move you’ll need to make. There’s no real managed aspect here, nor are there professionals on hand to help you make sure that your next move is the right one. This is a toolset for people who have a good idea about how SEO works already. Oddly, though, the fact that Traffic Travis is free really makes it a good fit for those who aren’t quite ready to invest in SEO.

Selling Points

Traffic Travis has a few interesting selling points, but they’re mostly things that you’ve seen before on other sites. The big one, of course, is that the service is free. You really can’t beat that price point and there will always be plenty of people who want to dip their toes into the water of SEO before they move onto something better. Free isn’t always what it seems, though, and it’s nice to know that Traffic Travis does really provide a free download to its customers. Even if the utility isn’t all there, at least you won’t be stuck with the bill.

Where things get more interesting is with some of the tools. The SEO health check doesn’t really provide anything that a thousand other tools provide, but it does so in such a neat package that it’s hard not to want to adopt it for your own needs. It keeps track of not only where your page is ranked, but also how many pages you have ranked and how things are going with your general standings. This is an awesome at-a-glance tool that really should be adopted by more companies.

There are also some fantastic tools for keeping track of how your competitors are doing. There’s a strange tendency to treat SEO a little like golf – most people are concerned with playing against themselves. Traffic Travis allows professionals to keep track of not only which competitors outrank them, but the keywords the competition seems to be targeting. This allows for better overall strategy and even allows companies to push into new keywords. This is one of the great competitive tools on the market as well as one of the simplest. It’s amazing that more SEO companies don’t offer something similar. In fact, Traffic Travis might be worth your time just to use them.

So, is Traffic Travis worth it? The answer’s a solid yes, even if it’s just for the fact that it’s free. You won’t get the support you’d get with a managed product and you certainly won’t have the ability to rely on a professional to help you pivot, but you can get a lot out of using these tools as a supplement for your other, more robust options. If you want a good way to track the competition and keep your own site up to date, you can do a lot worse than this free set of tools.

SEO Software: Axandra Review

The Basics

Axandra is the host of two very powerful SEO tools – SEOProfiler and iBusinessPromoter. Both tool sets are your typical SEO suites that feature keyword research and management, website optimization tools, link management, link building tools, and various other types of site analysis that the modern SEO professional can’t do without. These are both all-in-one kits, the type of programs that are best used by business owners that have at least a limited amount of experience in the SEO world and aren’t afraid to do things on their own.

The pricing models of these two programs are relatively modest, compared to some in the industry. There’s a free trial for SEOProfiler and a demo version of IBP, as well as a free version of SEOProfiler that can let you do a limited amount of work. SEOProfiler will run business owners anywhere from fifteen to one thousand dollars a month, depending on the package and payment plan, while IBP is a one-time purchase that’s between two hundred and seven hundred dollars. Given that both price points are fairly feature-rich, this makes for a fairly smart deal for either product.

The Selling Points

There’s a few really cool things that set the tools on Axandra apart from the rest of the crowd. First and foremost, you’ve got the free version of SEOProfiler, which is an absolute must-try for anyone who is new to the world of SEO. There are a fair number of free tools out there, of course, but it’s nice to have a useful free version of a paid tool to try out before you jump into the always-interesting world of SEO. If you’ve ever been gun-shy about trying a tool, this is really the best opportunity you’re going to get.

These tools are also sold on the idea of choice. It’s nice to be able to choose between browser-based and machine-based tools. It’s also very nice to have a choice between two tools that have clearly been put through their paces and can satisfy the needs of business owners. Having the choice between working in a browser and working from a local machine may not seem like the biggest selling point to every SEO professional, but it’s a great option for those who care about such things. At a deeper level, it shows the company’s commitment to meeting users where they are rather than where the company wants them to be.

In terms of utility, it’s hard not to recommend this product. It’s really spectacular to have the option to get an all-in-one SEO solution that you can pay for all at once, even if you won’t necessarily get the level of support you’d get with the usual monthly programs. At the same time, it’s very clear that this isn’t a beginner-level program and most business owners will end up getting overwhelmed by the options seen here if they aren’t careful. If you’re willing to do some research, though, the programs offered by Axandra are worth the price.

SEO Software: WordStream Review

WordStream, like so many of its competitors, claims that it can make SEO easy. It does this by offering a decent set of tools and a managed SEO option, both of which require a fair bit of one’s online marketing budget. WordStream is absolutely a professional-level product, and it has a particular focus on pay-per-click advertising. While much of SEO is focused on organic searches, WordStream corners the market on paid traffic.

Each of WordStream’s services carries a heavy price tag. PPC runs around twenty-eight hundred per year, while managed services cost a minimum of a thousand dollars per month. Social ads are a bit cheaper, running closer to sixty dollars per month. This is an agency-level suite of services, and users should be prepared to pay for the experience.

Selling Points

If you’ve ever searched for WordStream, it’s probably because of the company’s PPC analyzer. While PPC is pretty much the opposite of organic SEO, it’d be disingenuous to say that it doesn’t work. WordStream provides some fairly well-regarded tools to help users maximize their PPC campaigns, tools that are very hard for the competition to beat. When you’ve got some of the biggest names in the industry singing the praises of the tool, it’s probably worth your business’ time to take a look.

There other big selling point is related to the PPC analyzer – the company’s twenty-minute work week plan. The idea is that, with the advisement of this tool, you’ll be able to take care of all of your social campaigns and PPC work in about twenty minutes per week. This is probably a big selling point for people who are only dealing with social media or PPC, but it’s definitely still something people who are invested in more traditional SEO should be aware of. After all, anything that helps to reduce workload should be considered.

Finally, there’s the managed service. While many potential SEO companies offer managed services to their clients, WordStream specifically offers their service as a workload reduction tool. The company touts the managed service as a way to let users focus more on business and less on SEO and for the most part, the process works. If you’re in a position to hand over your SEO to someone else, this can be a fantastic deal. It’s not right for everyone, but it’s hard to hold that against WordStream. The service you’ll receive is comparable to any other managed service, so it’s probably worth a look if you were heading in that direction already.

If you’re looking to put together a successful PPC campaign, WordStream is one of the better products on the market. The service isn’t cheap and the contracts can be onerous, but they’re generally worth the price of admission for the help you get. There are probably better pure SEO services out there and the managed service isn’t anything particularly noteworthy, but there’s nothing offered by the company that won’t benefit users. Consider WordStream for SEO if you’re already involved with PPC and you have a hefty budget available for SEO.

SEO Software: SEOAdminstrator Review

SEO Adminstrator is an SEO software suite that helps website owners figure out what’s going on with their pages and make the necessary changes. Touted as an integrated tool suite that can help both professionals and amateurs, it’s certainly one of the more thorough SEO software collections out there. While users won’t get the benefit of managed support, they will get the tools they need to make their sites successful on their own.

Unlike many of its competitors, SEOAdministrator is relatively inexpensive. The highest-tier edition of the software is under one hundred dollars, with the ability to upgrade to multiple computer licenses. You can add on an SEO analysis of your website for another two hundred dollars, which still comes in under the median price of many other SEO software packages. SEOAdministrator does include a free trial for those who aren’t quite sold on the product, There is also ICQ and Skype support available for users, which is reasonably useful if not particularly outstanding.

The Selling Point

There are a few solid selling points for SEOAdministrator, but they all revolve around the same basic theme. This is a tool that’s dedicated to helping you make your site better not just through helping you, but by letting you see the data yourself. This makes it particularly useful for those who have a little bit of skill with SEO but want to learn more.

Perhaps the most attractive feature in this package is the Site Analyzer. While there are plenty of software packages that will let you run some basic numbers, this iteration of the tool really lets you break down your site word by word and figure out what’s going on. The tool allows users to find and fix broken links, generate robots.txt, and even check the pagerank value for each of your webpage. It also looks for HTML errors on your pages, helping to eliminate the embarrassment of open tags and misused headers. This is an amazing tool for those who want some help understanding the HOW behind SEO.

Continuing the theme of helping you with your HTML, the package also includes an HTML analyzer. While the tool does a lovely job of analyzing your content, it also works to provide a decent preliminary view of other webpages. If you are looking to figure out what your competition is doing right, this tool is fantastic. It’s not going to show you everything the competition does, but it will give you a peek into their process. Any tool that allows you to learn from others is definitely worth a look.

If you’re not looking for a managed solution, SEOAdministrator is a great choice. It’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to use, and you’re going to get access to some fantastic tools. Unfortunately, the incredible number of tools available here will overwhelm some complete novices, so it’s better to use this suite if you already know a bit about SEO. Think of SEOAdministrator as a kit for people who enjoy DIY SEO – it requires some work, but it’s worth the effort.

SEO Software: Link-Assistant Review

Link-Assistant is a platform that offers all-in-one SEO services, one that takes pains to market itself as a platform that does more for less. While there’s a fairly deep pool of talent when it comes to low-cost SEO services, this one differentiates itself from the rest of the pack by providing a full tool suite. While the name might immediately bring to mind link-building, what you’re really going to get from the tool set is mix of tracking tools, automated tasks, research tools, and even website auditing software. This is one of those sets that tries very hard to be a one-stop shop for everything SEO.

The Basics

As you might imagine, this means that the tool kit is largely targeted towards business owners and other people who are looking for DIY SEO solutions. You’re not going to be looking at truly professional-level tools here, but rather a set of tools that make sense to people who haven’t got a lot of SEO experience. This isn’t necessarily bad, though – especially for the price. Five hundred dollars will get you access to all the tools, customer service, plenty of training materials, and all the improvements that the company ever adds to its tools. It’s not cheap, exactly, but it’s still a pretty good deal.

The Selling Points

There are a few things that make stand out from the rest of the pack. One of those is the set of automated tasks that you can use with the tool set. The site brags that you can set up a series of SEO tasks in about two minutes, and the reality is that you’re going to get more out of the ability to schedule the tasks than anything else. This makes for an excellent “fire and forget” sort of set-up, especially for those who are busy with their own businesses.

In addition to the automated tasks, it’s really great to get access to all of the future updates when you purchase a license for this product. Those who have used other products are fairly used to seeing new features get released at a separate price tier and avoiding that frustration is almost worth the price of entry alone. If Link-Assistant continues to thrive, those who buy in early will end up getting a great deal. It’s hard to bank on the future, but this seems like a bet that’s fairly safe to take.

Good SEO utility suites are always a good bet, and this tool kit is no different. While it might be hard to swallow the five hundred dollar price point up front, it’s actually a lot cheaper than signing up for a subscription service. If you are willing to do all of your own SEO work and don’t mind taking the time to wade through some tutorials, this can be a great buy. While the tools might not quite compete with some of the bigger players on the market, they’re still robust enough to provide anyone with a useful first step into the world of SEO.

SEO Software: Longtailer Review

There are many tools out there that focus on the SEO novice. While this is admirable, it does make it harder to find tools that cater to those with a bit more experience. If you’re looking for a tool set that does one thing well, you’ll have to spend some time searching. If your desire is to be able to collect and analyze data over the long-term, you can at least rest safely knowing that there’s a tool like Longtailer out there. While it’s not the kind of tool you want to give to a newbie, it’s a fantastic tool set for those who want to study long-term trends.

The Basics

This is not a full-featured tool kit. This is a kit that will allow you to look at long-term keyword, impression, click, and ranking data. Better yet, it’s a kit that will let you do that for a very low cost – under ten dollars a month for the cheapest package. While it’s very much a one-task kit, it’s a kit that does that one task very well. This is a good tool for those who take a long-term look at SEO and want to make sure that everything they are doing is promoting growth.

The Selling Points

Longtailer is designed specifically for people who are already using the Google Search Console. This assumes at least a moderate degree of sophistication when it comes to working with SEO. The tools you get in this bundle all serve the purpose of helping you to collect and save data. If you’re looking at long-term trends, absolutely nothing is better than being able to save Google Search Console data so that it doesn’t fall past the 90 day deletion period. While the average SEO novice isn’t going to get much out of this feature, those who need it will praise its inclusion.

This price point is also very difficult to beat. The simple fact that there’s an option for a service under ten dollars is spectacular, especially if all your other SEO needs are already cared for. Again, this isn’t something that’s going to interest everyone who needs SEO help. If you’re already paying for everything else, though, this won’t feel like a burden. That, in turn, can encourage more business owners to start really keeping track of how their keywords are performing over a much longer period of time. This is a tool that could really change who people look at SEO.

Is this a tool for everyone? No. This is, however, a tool for people who really want to get the most out of the money they put into SEO. Longtailer is going after a particularly specific portion of the market and they deserve credit for that move. While they can’t be everything to everyone, they’re everything to the people they serve. If you fall into the group that wants more out of Google Search Console, you should definitely take some time to try out Longtailer – your research will improve drastically with this product.

SEO Software Reviews [Updated 2018]

14 thoughts on “SEO Software Reviews [Updated 2018]

  • October 22, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    Thanks for the reviews of different SEO software. There are so many out there that I was beginning to get overwhelmed, having it narrowed down to only 4 makes my decision so much easier.

  • October 22, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    I really like your reviews. This helps guys like me to see the strengths and weaknesses of an industry type software that I have no real understanding about. Thanks for the direction, I think I’m going to opt for WebsiteRocket. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • November 13, 2015 at 6:31 am

    Right now Website Rocket seems to check all the boxes. It’s affordable and easy to use so I don’t have to constantly bug their support with a ton of questions. I’m on my second website and I want to start doing things right from top to bottom so I need to research my keyword before writing the posts. I’m not overly optimistic but I know free tools won’t get me the rankings I want. Thanks for doing these reviews, Jeff!

  • November 14, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    I’m thinking of getting the Standard plan from Moz Pro. It has everything I need though a bit pricey, but I loved how the free trial went! It was indeed a bit overwhelming on me but it does look like it can help a lot so I’m taking the plunge with them. Thank you for helping me make up my mind!

    • November 17, 2015 at 8:16 am

      Yep! I have their Large plan – after years of doing all the research with free tools – and it’ worth all the money.

      A company that can hold the top 3 spots for very difficult search terms like “SEO” must know something about search, right? Their site is just a tad difficult to go through for complete newbies but with a little patience, anyone can learn their way around and then the actual fun starts. Once you get the idea, you can really get the good stuff from MOZ and use it on your site(s).

  • December 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    I’m not looking for anything flashy or overly complicated to use so WebCEO sounds like what I need. I want to get a site ranking among the main 3 in my city. I will give them a try soon.

  • December 23, 2015 at 6:38 am

    Been using SEMRUSH for a while now and I am very happy with what it offers. I think they are definitely among the best SEO “helpers” out there, quality and price wise. I agree that they can give you a truckload of data and all you need is to use it to make a profit.

  • December 25, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I’m thinking of trying out WebsiteRocket’s basic package for starters and if they deliver like I think they will I may go for a higher priced one. You could say that I am an overwhelmed business owner and I need all the help I can get. I hate SEO jargon that I can’t understand so anything that strips it out gets my vote.

  • December 27, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    I can’t say I’ve used all the seo software presented here but I’ve used MOZ and they are terrific. I highly recommend them for both beginners and experienced users. Once you take them for a run of 2-3 days you will realize how good they are at providing useful data and making things easy.

    • January 19, 2016 at 9:47 pm

      After reading this post and your comment, Ray, I took your advice and gave Moz a try. I have to say I was impressed from the get-go. They are very professional and I’ve already got new ideas for my own sites from what I’ve experienced on theirs. Thanks Jeff and thanks Ray!

  • January 20, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    SEMRUSH might be less expensive but it also shows less data than others on this list. It’s a good fit for beginners but if you are have experience in the online field then this might not be the best tool for you. I’ve used them and while they are a good starting point, once the game evolves they can’t keep up. Just my 2 cents ;).

  • May 19, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    I’ve used many of these tools at one point or another. Honestly, like Jeff said, they serve totally unique purposes depending on where you are in business development. So I personally would endorse them all but recommend doing your research (like what’s been done above) to find out which one is best for you, at the moment.

  • May 21, 2016 at 3:18 am

    Thanks for taking the time to review these different SEO tools. This post has most definitely answered some questions I had.

  • May 29, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been using Moz Pro and local for awhile now. One of our websites was under preforming. Using both really helped me get it back on track. I had also looked at Raven Tools. The only minus for Moz is there support. It can take them a little while to get back to you.


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