It’s fairly common to describe the internet as something of an online marketplace. Like an online marketplace, placement is important.

As a free standing store or business in your community you always want to be close to where your customers are, easy to see from the road, and in a space where wandering pedestrians will come into your place just to see what’s going on.


In the online world, this kind of real estate necessity translates into figuring out how to position your website.

When it comes to your website you are looking not only to design something that’s usable for your customers, but something that occupies prime real estate online.

For the majority of businesses, this means looking for a website that’s going to position you on the equivalent of Time Square instead of the side of a country road.

The end-all, be-all of online real estate is found in the top three results of Google’s search engine.

This isn’t to say that other engines aren’t important or that you can’t survive outside of these spots, but the top three Google search results for a given key phrase are visited by the vast majority of those individuals who run a search.

It’s the equivalent of having a gas station that’s right off the highway – even if the actual station isn’t the best, it’s still going to get customers because it is the first thing that people will see.

The Digital Equivalent Of A Tenacious Real Estate Agent Is An SEO Professional.

He or she understands that people fight for these top three spots constantly – everyone knows where the customers want to look, and every smart businessperson takes great pains to stay secure at the top.

If you’re looking to unseat the businesses that are at the top of the search page, you have to grab the real estate through an aggressive makeover of your website.

Form and function matter, but you also need to know how Google prioritizes sites on its results page.

Your best chance to grab prime online real estate is to have a site made that is useful to both humans and search crawlers.

This means creating something that isn’t just stuffed with the right words, but that will help you to keep customers using your site again and again.

Unlike real estate, there’s nothing permanent about getting the best search results – it’s a constant fight to stay on top, and one that requires you to constantly monitor the changing world of SEO.

Small Biz Tip: Internet Real Estate (Your Website) Is As Important As Your Store Front or Location

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