keyword-densityYou’re already overthinking this one.

While there’s something to say for the idea of SEO as a numbers game, this is one bit of math that you really don’t need to over think.

If you’ve done any research on the subject of Keyword Density then you’ve probably been convinced by the hundreds of articles out there which claim to know the perfect formula for your keyword needs.

Before you bust out your calculator let’s slow down and think about this for a second, please.

What You Think You Need.

Other SEO experts might tell you an exact percentage for keyword density but if we’re going to be entirely realistic, we’ve got to start with the obvious – those other SEO guru’s might be wrong – right?

Every last one of them is just trying to spoon-feed you the information that you think you need. Frankly, it doesn’t really do you any harm to follow their advice – at least, it won’t unless you obsess over it.

Keyword Density Is A Little Less Important.

At one time, there probably was an optimal keyword percentage to reach in order to make sure your SEO needs were met.

In today’s SEO atmosphere, though, keyword density is a little less important than they used to be. You still need keywords in your copy, of course, but it’s not like having a perfect 3.2575657823441% keyword density in your latest article is going to help you DOMINATE the search engines.

What you really want is an article that’s natural and easy to read – the kind of thing that will keep visitors coming back over and over again.

A well written article aimed to please your reader will have appropriate keywords worked into it – naturally.

In fact, trying ‘too hard’ might result in an obvious keyword stuffing attempt.

Readability And Content, Lots Of Content.

Yes, there are absolutely people who will tell you that anything above two percent density is going to get you dinged by webcrawlers or that anything below one percent will keep you from showing up in a search but don’t worry.

The truth is that today’s SEO is all about readability and content, lots of content, not about the raw numbers. Use your keywords as they naturally fit, not as some algorithm dictates.

You’ll attract more visitors this way and allow yourself the pleasure of writing something that’s actually readable. Once you let the fear of numbers go, you’ll start to produce the kind of content that you need to succeed.

What Is The Safest, Most Optimal Keyword Density Percentage?

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